Google is going to disable Flash by default starting from Chrome 76, which is planned for release for June, 2019. Thus, Flash content will no longer be played by default. This update has already been pushed to Canary branch, which will be the basis for future Chrome 76 release.

Starting from the release of Chrome 76 and up to release of Chrome 87, which is planned for December, 2020 Flash can be enabled in settings (Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site Settings). However, playing Flash-based content will require direct user permission for each website (permission will remain valid until the next browser refresh). Flash support will be fully terminated in 2020.

FF with Flash plugin disabled by default will be released in September. ESR branches will keep Flash support for FF until the end of 2020 year. Before the beginning of 2020 year the users of regular FF versions will be able to enable Flash support in about:config.