Our team is closely watching all new frameworks for frontend and backend. We select the most attractive and advanced solutions to use in our projects for the benefit of our customers. Bulma framework is new and really attractive frontend framework, and we strongly recommend it. The most attractive advantage of Bulma is that it’s clean and lightweight. The whole framework comes in package in size less than 90 kb.

Bulma is highly customizable. This is a modular sass framework, with it you only need to optimize your bundle to necessary classes.

It has quite a clear syntax. Bulma is based on flex box, which makes creation of grids and vertically aligned elements easy and straightforward. You have an ability to control layout of the grid and size based on nesting, viewport and sizing the gap. It’s responsible, so columns fit the space, you do not need to specify sizing.

It’s responsive. It comes with all buttons, forms, fonts, tables and basic CSS elements that are necessary, at the same time, it is not overloaded.

As far as documentation is concerned, it could be more detailed. The high level structure is not self-explaining and you might need some time to get familiar. However, the names of classes are self-explanatory. Generated css looks simple and clean.

Here are some Bulma components that might be interesting for you. These are cards, dropdowns, menus, messages, modals, panels, navigation. In addition to built-in features there are also Extensions that you might use to make your webpage more advanced. For instance, you can find pricing tables, colored checkboxes, timeline, calendar and others.